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Which iPhone versions are compatible with the Prexiso iC4?
Which iOS version is required for the Prexiso App?
What does the Prexiso iC4 name stand for?
What is the measuring range of the Prexiso iC4?
What is the measuring accuracy of the Prexiso iC4?
How long can I measure with the Prexiso iC4?
How big is the Prexiso iC4?
Is the Prexiso iC4 eye-safe?
What is included in the package?
Can the Prexiso iC4 work with my iPhone case?
Can the Prexiso iC4 work with other Apps?
What is the Prexiso iC4 warranty?
Can I use my iPhone normally when having the Prexiso iC4 plugged in?
Is the Prexiso iC4 compatible with the iPad?
Will there be a new version of Prexiso iC4 for the iPhone 5?

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