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Prexiso iC4

Turns your iPhone into a laser distance meter

The Prexiso iC4 is world’s first iPhone accessory that allows you to measure distances accurately using the latest Swiss laser technology. It is controlled by the free Prexiso App or Prexiso Pro App.

The Prexiso iC4 is not merely a laser pointer with an inaccurate iPhone app – it’s an innovative laser product with an integrated software solution. You don’t need a separate measuring tool if you have an iPhone 4/4S already – get a Prexiso iC4 and use it everywhere and any time you need to simply measure, store and share your measurements.

The Prexiso iC4 laser distance meter offers numerous benefits compared to traditional measuring methods.


The Prexiso iC4 works now with the new Prexiso PRO App (free)

1. Draw a plan of a room or an object. Tap the yellow button to measure - the value will be displayed in the middle of the picture. Move it to the right place. 2. Add or subtract measurements and insert them on the plan. 3. Change the color of the lines you're drawing, erase them, add some text or a photo. 4. You can also take a picture with your iPhone, draw on it and insert measurements directly on it.

The Prexiso iC4 works with the free Prexiso App

1. Tap the yellow button to activate the laser beam (button turns red). 2. Tap the red button to measure. The result will appear immediately. 3. Tap "+" to add measured values. 4. Tap "-" to subtract measured values.

The Prexiso iC4 works also with the free MagicPlan 2.5 App

1. Open a floor/room plan. Select a wall and tap its length to validate (e.g. 5,44 m). Tap the "Laser" button. 2. The laser beam will apear. Tap the red button to measure precisely with the Prexiso iC4. 3. The measurement will be displayed (e.g. 7,99 m). Tap "OK" to set the correct value. 4. The accurate value will be saved with the padlock image. The other dimensions will be adjusted.

The Prexiso iC4 works also with the My Measures & Dimensions PRO App

1. Take a picture of a room/object you want to measure. Draw an arrow. 2. Tap on the arrow to add the measurement. Tap the icon in the top right corner to activate the Prexiso iC4. 3. Tap "Start" to measure with the laser. 4. The accurate value will be inserted autmatically. Tap "Done".

Innovative and cool
The Prexiso iC4 is a unique iPhone accessory that offers the latest Swiss laser technology for measuring tasks. The Prexiso iC4 is ideal for professional or personal use. It is also the perfect gift for gadget lovers, architects, real estate agents, or anybody who needs to measure distances.

The Prexiso iC4 allows you to do more with your iPhone by providing you an iPhone compatible professional laser measuring solution. You don’t need to buy a special measuring tool, just use your iPhone, and take advantage of the familiar interface and simply measure within seconds.

Accurate and safe
The Prexiso iC4 helps you avoid inaccurate estimates and measuring mistakes. It can be used for much longer distances than a metre stick or measuring tape by making precise laser measurements. Measure with your iPhone like professionals and it’s perfectly safe for your eyes.

Saves you time
It only takes a second to connect the Prexiso iC4 to the iPhone and less than a second to make a measurement by simply touching your iPhone’s screen.

The Prexiso iC4 is ideal for professional or personal use and for all tasks where measurements are required:

  • Calculating distances and surfaces of floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Measuring dimensions of furniture, curtains, carpets, etc.
  • Drawing plans and inserting accurate measurements quickly
  • Placing the measurements directly in a picture
  • Moving or setting up a new home
  • Planning the design of an interior space
  • Measuring the heights of children
  • And many others…


The Prexiso iC4 has a built-in laser mechanism which allows measuring accurately among objects. The laser technology offers advantages over the ultrasonic technology, as presented in the image below.

Prexiso iC4 technical information

Compatibility iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 via lightning to 30-pin adapter, iPod Touch
Range 0.1 – 20 meters
(3.9 in - 66 feet)
Accuracy ± 3 mm
Laser type 635 nm < 1 mW
Laser class 2
Power 2 x 1.5 V AAA
(batteries included)
Software (apps) Prexiso, Prexiso Pro, MagicPlan, My Measures & Dimensions PRO
Measuring functions

Prexiso: measure, plus, minus, clear

Prexiso Pro: draw, erase, measure, add text, add photo, go back, share project (email, photo album), add & delete project

Support Manual on the apps/to download on the website

Prexiso AG is a young Swiss company that specializes in offering simple and affordable measurement tools for everyone. It delivers product solutions for both, frequent and occasional users. Its product portfolio consists of line lasers, laser distance meters, electronic theodolites and GPS/GNSS systems. In a nutshell, Prexiso strives to provide everyone with the possibility to measure like professionals. The Prexiso iC4 stands for this claim.

The Prexiso iC4 is a result of integrating a high-end laser technology into an iPhone solution. It provides iPhone 4/4S users with the possibility to measure simply and accurately with an iPhone.

Prexiso AG is part of Hexagon, a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies.

To get more information about the two brands and their products click on the logos.



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